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Lifestyle and Medical Management

For some patients an alteration in the quantity, timing and type of fluids can bring improvement in their urinary symptoms.

The next step is usually to consider medical management. This might mean altering the timing of current medication, but more often it is using drugs such as alpha blockers which improve the urinary stream or flow rate. There are also drugs which can shrink the prostate over time and others which relax the bladder, which can be helpful for frequency and urgency symptoms. The specialists at SCU will talk you through the options including potential side effects. Most patients try medication before considering further interventions

Surgical interventions

There are several different options for surgical intervention. Some are more invasive than others and some are probably more effective than others. The right choice for the patient will depend on a number of variables including symptoms, size of prostate, previous treatments, age / fitness and preferences relating to side effect profile and your personal health beliefs.

The specialists at SCU will be happy to discuss the options with you.

We provide TURP, Rezum and UroLift.

Further detail can be found on the BAUS (British Association of Urological Surgeons) website

Prostate Artery Embolisation

This involves the selective embolisation (blocking) of some of the small arteries entering the prostate. This starves the area of the prostate served by the arteries of oxygen and these areas subsequently shrink. This has been shown to be effective for some men with symptoms secondary to an enlarged prostate. It generally works better for those with a larger prostate.

It is carried out by the interventional radiologists under local anaesthetic by placing a small tube into the artery at the top of your leg.

The specialists at SCU will discuss this and other options with you. Initially, patients require tests to confirm that their symptoms are likely due to an enlarged prostate. If this option is chosen, then we will make arrangements for the radiologist to carry out the treatment.