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Erectile Dysfunction


This starts with a detailed history and examination. For most men the only tests required are simple blood tests to assess general health and rule out other diseases such as diabetes or hormone imbalances.

Occasionally, imaging is required with ultrasound or MRI but for many men there is not a single issue and the majority can be assigned to ageing!


Drug treatments are the most commonly used including Viagra type medications, but there are also topical agents and some men may choose intra-penile injections. Mechanical pump devices are effective and occasionally combination treatments are useful.

Persistent low testosterone may require treatment with either injections or topical creams. Complex hormone imbalances may require assessment by an endocrinologist.

Premature ejaculation can lead to apparent erection problems or coexist. Treatments range from relaxation techniques, through physical barriers to topical creams or occasionally tablets.

Psychosexual counselling may be recommended either in isolation or combined with one or other of the physical treatments described above.